Diversity and inclusion

Diversity is about behaviour and outcomes. It’s about how relationships are enacted. It’s about how we perform in everyday situations, based on how we think — and how we think about how we think. In other words, diversity is a process, not a structure.

Binna Kandola, The Value of Difference (2009), p. 3.

We are diversity and inclusion specialists and actively research diversity and inclusion in the arts, curatorial and cultural sectors.

We understand the complex situations and institutional legacies that can make it hard to understand how to demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion in your organisation or work.

When you embrace diversity as an attitude it will result in a stronger network, a more responsive workforce and better business.

Monitoring for equity, equality, diversity and inclusion

Policies alone are not going to make your organisation or practice more diverse, equitable or inclusive. You need to understand yourself in the context of EDI as well as those around you.

One way to understand where your gaps are is to undertake sensitive and meaningful diversity and inclusion monitoring, whether of your workforce, governance board or audiences. We can help you develop methods to evaluate the measures you already have in place so they better meet your commitment and aims as a diverse-led organisation.

During our flagship curatorial training programme, Citizen Curators, we developed an excellent method of collecting diversity and inclusion data in a meaningful way that gives you a realistic and human-centred view of people, and can help you make decisions about where to aim recruitment, inclusive methods for finding talent and making reasonably adjustments for the wellbeing of your workforce and beneficiaries. Please note, we do not work with Audience Finder data collection or similar marketing-driven services.

We have provided EDI advice and training to the Art Fund and The National Archives and designed a comprehensive D&I monitoring process for the Citizen Curators programme.

Citizen Curators Annual Diversity and Inclusion reports

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