This is a blog written by Tehmina Goskar of long-form articles, interviews and reviews on all aspects of curation, particularly that concerned with museums, collections, object research, exhibitions, historical practices and professional ethics. It is the successor website to that of the Curatorial Research Centre.

The Curatorial Research Centre operated as an independent research and training agency from 2018 to 2023. The background and aims of the CRC are now being taken forward by its former Director, Dr. Tehmina Goskar FMA via her work at the Museum of Cornish Life and University of the Arts London’s Decolonising Arts Institute. Co-Director, Tom Goskar continues to develop his digital 3D imaging praxes independently.

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The Museum Curator

The basis of the work carried out by the CRC now forms the basis of a new book on modern, ethical museum curating in a book being prepared by Tehmina Goskar.


Tehmina Goskar, Director of the Curatorial Research Centre, explains why she created the organisation:

“I have been curating professionally for nearly 20 years—for museums, universities, archives, libraries, societies, private collectors. Maybe the inevitable culmination of many school holidays and weekends spent making displays of things that told a story, whether cut-outs from Smash Hits magazine, or a saga from the England Cricket team scrapbooked for posterity. During my career I have absorbed and been shaped by the diverse ways people understand and express collections, curating and curators. The time has come for all that experience and understanding to find a home, preferably with like-minded people who love curating for its own sake as well as the social good it can do. We are creating a light organisation that is ambitious, progressive and based on the values and philosophy that have resulted from practice-led work with people from all walks of life.”

The Curatorial Research Centre develops and provides educational, research and facilitation services and products. Our work is underpinned by a unique philosophy and methodology centred in the curatorial space–between knowledge creation and communication. We have six aims underpinned by eight values. Our values inform everything we do.

Six aims

  1. thinking differently
  2. supporting and raising the profile of the art and profession of curating across disciplines
  3. conducting evidence-driven research of the highest calibre
  4. developing high-quality educational and authentic cultural products
  5. providing courses, training and mentoring in curatorial and cultural leadership
  6. to be led by human-centred design and experiential learning.

Eight values

The Curatorial Research Centre with its collaborators believe in:

  1. curiosity, know-how, specialism and talent
  2. independence
  3. facilitative leadership
  4. intellectual rigour
  5. communicating the big picture with the detail
  6. progressive mentality
  7. ethical expertise
  8. good design


Curating narrows the gap between creating knowledge and communication. Good curating gives meaning to the choices you make when you choose, select and arrange. It determines the ideas, people and stories you really care about. 

Study it, question it, curate it.

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Our small team is based in Cornwall (Kernow) but we work nation and worldwide. We are very proud to be based in the Duchy and fully support work that promotes Cornish identity, distinctiveness and diversity.

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The Curatorial Research Centre is proud to be a member of the Cultural Governance Alliance.

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