Study it, question it, curate it

That’s what we do here at the Curatorial Research Centre. The CRC is the place and people with whom you can push the boundaries of accepted knowledge and think differently. Our philosophy plays in the space between knowledge creation and communication.

Based in Cornwall (Kernow) but working internationally, we formed in late 2018 to share our vision of curating and adapt it to a wide range of knowledge-making and communication enterprises.

Good curating

There is no point creating knowledge if you have no intention of sharing it. Equally if you don’t have decent knowledge, based in evidence and well-interpreted, your efforts to communicate your opinions and ideas will have no credibility. Particularly in an era of sloppy research, the pedalling of misinformation and a reactionary and susceptible readership, we think that good curating has an important role to play in revealing truths that have been otherwise obscured or hidden.

Curating is about so much more than assembling, collecting, managing and editing. If you think this too, please explore more about us and our work in education, research and facilitation. If what you read and see resonates with you let’s talk.

More real than real

You might have noticed the large image on our homepage of a pewter goblet being held up against its digital counterpart on a screen.

A pewter goblet is held up against a computer screen which is displaying a 3D replica of the same item, the whole image bringing the physical and virtual together.

This image was created by Tom while on sabbatical researching creative 3D digitisation and interrogation techniques to show that 3D capture has become very sophisticated, with digital surrogates looking identical to their physical counterparts. Once digitised, 3D objects can be rotated, re-lit under different conditions, downloaded, included in computer games, 3D printed and so much more. This 3D model was uploaded to Sketchfab where it won the award of “Staff Pick” and has since been viewed by many people, some of whom have added it to their own curated collections on the platform.

We don’t know what onward journey this digital object will have. The original and its doppelgänger are now irrevocably separated.