Resources for Cornish research

History and culture

Tyskennow Kernow – Screen Cornwall. Contemporary and archive films about Cornwall, Kernewek and Cornish identity

Timeline of Cornish History on Wikipedia. Very partial, biased and incomplete. What can we do to improve this content?

Kresen Kernow Collections Guides 

Kresen Kernow Cornish language and culture guide 

Cornwall Forever – Kernow Bys Vyken. Cornish history sources. 

Cornish Memory (Photographic, film and audio collections)

Kernewek/Cornish language resources:

Online Cornish dictionary:

Cornwall Online Parish Clerks:

History of Cornish National Minority status

The UK Government’s statement, April 2014:

Cornish National Minority information by Cornwall Council:

National resources with Cornish content

Legacies of British Slave-ownership. Many Cornish claims for compensation and records of plantation ownership and enslaved people.

The National Archives catalogue

British Newspaper Archive [subscription required. 30-day free trial]

National Trust collections (including Cornwall)

ArtUK. Paintings in public collections (including Cornwall)

Culture Grid. UK collections across museums, libraries and history groups

Europeana. Europe-wide collections that can be cross-searched

Sketchfab. 3D digital models of objects

Sources of collections expertise for cultural research

Mapping Museums Project. Information on current and defunct museums in the UK.

Subject Specialist Networks (SSNs). Funded by Arts Council England:

Social History Curators’ Group firstBASE:

DATS: Dress and Textile Specialists:

Society for Museum Archaeology:

The Photographic Collections Network:

Natural Sciences Collections Association:

Collections Trust. All things about managing and recording collections: