Archival, archaeological and historical research

Research is our passion. It drives everything that we do.

As lifelong researchers we have extensive experience obtaining knowledge and information from a variety of sources. We do it when creating exhibitions, writing articles, developing new digital techniques, interpreting objects or contributing to funding bids. We are also excellent communicators and can provide the results of research in traditional monograph, article or report form as well as more creative outcomes such as websites and videos.

We have worked professionally in archives, libraries, museums, galleries, archaeological organisations, and universities and use a powerful combination of traditional archive, book and periodical-based research and web-based research. We have access to a wide range of academic publications as well as an extensive academic library. We know where to find the information you need.

Our blog highlights some of the areas of research in which we are currently engaged. Other kinds of research we have conducted include:

  • desk-based assessments for heritage and archaeology
  • archival research
  • photographic and visual research
  • provenance research
  • digital analysis of artefacts and monuments
  • educational research for course development
  • historical research for academic, web and popular publications
  • exhibition research

The kinds of subjects we enjoy researching include:

  • prehistoric to medieval rock art
  • early photography, film and sound
  • traditional customs and music
  • material culture
  • minerals, gems and jewellery
  • industrial and economic history
  • medieval history and archaeology
  • provenance of colonial-era objects

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