Organisational help

A curatorial approach to organisational development would focus on narrowing the gap between personal values and the organisation’s goals.

When the desire for change comes from within an individual or team it leads to great results and a happier working environment, permitting time to be spent raising self-awareness and building trust.

Good facilitation supports you to find your own solutions. Unlike the consultancy approach which demands that you follow the advice of an outsider, our emphasis is to support two-way conversations to achieve mutual understanding and a will to strive for the same goals. Through playful activities, self-reflection and plenty of opportunities to relate to each other outside your hierarchy, we can create workshops or guidance specially designed for your situation.

And we will be with you every step of the way.

Championing your cause

In May 2018, we created and delivered two bespoke 80-minute workshops for the National Trust’s Convestival–a conference-cum-festival dedicated to what must be the biggest cohort of volunteer managers of any organisation in the UK. The goal was to raise awareness and understanding of how uniting behind heritage as a social cause can help diversify the people and ideas that make change happen.

We aint so many, we aint so few: Make diversity work for you.

Set against the backdrop of Calke Abbey, near Derby, in a tent, the session title was inspired by the radical mystery group Ferguson’s Gang whose masked female philanthropists propelled the pioneering work of the National Trust onto centre stage–and made the natural and built heritage of this country a social cause that has endured ever since. The session started with a powerful self-awareness exercise called Know Thyself which firmly placed the focus on the internal thought-processes of the participants rather than externally on the people they hoped would diversify their volunteer workforces. As with all our workshops we aimed to persuade participants to adopt a more human understanding of community, diversity and themselves. They also got the chance to take away an authentic five-point plan that they could adapt when back at the day job with their teams.

Photograph of the National Trust 2018 Convestival showing tents and marquees at Calke Abbey, near Derby, UK.
National Trust Convestival 2018, Calke Abbey, Derbyshire.