Leadership, governance and recruitment

We believe in facilitative leadership. That means leadership which enables others to recognise and work to their strengths. We know the business and ethical case of good governance and healthy recruitment practices.

We think that leadership skills that get the best out of people and situations are invaluable life tools as well as work tools. Leadership development can be undertaken by anyone at any stage of their journey.

The leader as curator communicates and shares their knowledge equitably and ethically. The Curatorial Research Centre exists to foster this use of good leadership in curating and the use of good curating in leadership.

Governance and recruitment

Diversity and inclusion are the biggest concern of the cultural sector in the UK, indeed in society. We know that creating the right conditions for for diverse people to find diverse ways in to your subject, campaign or organisation is better for your business, reputation and resilience.

Our number-one value is curiosity, know-how, specialism and talent. You can only nurture this if you work with people who represent a range of lived experiences, learned behaviours and personal preferences.

I am speaking from my point of view as curator, facilitator and change leader. I have observed how change-making completely breaks down when boards seem to run a completely different organisation to their executive and workforce.

Tehmina Goskar on governance and the civic agenda, for the Cultural Governance Alliance launch, November 2018.

In November 2018 we were thrilled to be invited to contributed to the launch of the Cultural Governance Alliance organised by the Clore Leadership Programme. We provided insights in response to the theme Cultural Leaders Championing their Civic Agenda.

We are good at articulating what really lies at the heart of a matter and we hope that our primary aim, thinking differently, really comes through when we contribute to the movement towards better leadership and governance. We are proud members of the Cultural Governance Alliance.

Logo of the Cultural Governance Alliance comprising the words Cultural Governance Alliance
Curatorial Research Centre is a member of the Cultural Governance Alliance.

Change leadership

Our Director Tehmina Goskar’s experience in leadership development, both her own and that of others, has heavily influenced our interest in the fields of leadership and governance. In 2017/18 Tehmina developed the 12 Principles of Change Leadership while undertaking the Arts Council England-funded Change Makers programme with Cornwall Museums Partnership. The simplicity of the messaging, the authenticity of the voice struck a chord with many, even outside the museum and culture sectors. The principles continue to be nurtured by the CRC.

In 2018 an animation was created to encapsulate Tehmina’s ideology on leadership and change.

I simply adore this. The messaging, the meaning, the nature… you all should be applauded!

It’s very refreshing in its approach and practical advice.  

I don’t have a Museum background but the way it was presented didn’t make me feel like it wasn’t for me. Loved it!

Just some of the feedback on the 12 principles animation.