Good facilitation has a lot in common with good curating. 

Led by our Director, Tehmina Goskar, who was Level 2 Accredited by the Association of Facilitators in 2019, we can offer individual and group facilitation and mentoring. If you, your organisation or network is feeling stuck or wants help realising a new vision then a CRC facilitation session is for you.

You will start with self-awareness and end with a clarity of purpose that has genuinely come from within. Our facilitation services can also provide value to those undertaking or involved in organisational change, leadership development and diversity and inclusion work.

Facilitation and mentoring

We draw significantly on facilitation techniques, skills and ethics in our mentoring and organisational work. Trained by the Association of Facilitators 2017-19, Tehmina maintains her own reflective practice by regularly reviewing changes and trends in the cultural and arts sectors, working out the best ways of applying good facilitation to her work with clients. In particular, we value one-to-one mentoring and encourage our mentees to also explore the world of facilitation in their own work.

Responding to her work, Brian Watts and Bella Mehta, co-directors of the Association of Facilitators, said:

We are impressed by the quality of work that you are delivering and the leadership that you are exercising in the world of curation. We experience you as being congruent and aligned with your work, motivated by a vision that has learning and development at the heart.

Brian Watts and Bella Mehta, December 2019

On the value of facilitation training in her curatorial practice, Tehmina reflects:

Successful curating relies on positive relationship building. I had become acutely aware of the sense of dissatisfaction and unresolved issues present in teams I had worked in to deliver projects like major exhibitions, diversifying programming and capital development. The whole always seemed so much less than the sum of its parts. I felt I was missing a set of skills in my armoury so I took the Level 1 residential course by the Association of Facilitators, The Facilitator's Toolkit. The course opened my eyes and experience up to a rigorous framework of understanding that I could apply in our curatorial and related work.

Tehmina Goskar, March 2017.