Pop-up museums

Pop-up experiences are flexible, light-touch, easy on the budget and can often create an impact that permanent exhibitions can’t.

The creativity and communication power of an exhibition, but not in a gallery. We have tried it, we love it. Not only can you more easily involve other people in its planning and creation, pop-ups in old shops or during festivals takes your content and stories right to where your audiences are.

Pop-ups don’t have to compromise on quality but they can be shaped to fit your budget and manpower. Pop-ups are an ideal option for small groups and organisations as well as businesses who want to use art and culture to communicate their messages and ideas but lack the experience of big museums and galleries.

We can help you bring high-calibre curatorial skills to your pop-up museum and also offer you and your team the training it needs to create a great programme around your pop-up from talks, tours, demonstrations and shows.

A young visitor to a pop-up museum on Cornish customs in a disused shop. Created for under £500.