Exhibitions and interpretation

From research to developing key messages and calls to action, to working with designers and negotiating loans we have done it all.

We can help you focus your storytelling, ensure it is inclusive, questioning and stimulating and identify creative ways of presenting your interpretation to diverse audiences.

Exhibitions don’t have to be in conventional gallery spaces. Have you thought about your village hall, your office, a pop-up or the airport? We have an extensive library of ideas we have collected from travels all over the world that you can peruse for inspiration. We also love working alongside independent makers and artists so if you have an exhibition project in mind and want someone to do the heavy lifting to assist your creative spirit, get in touch any time.

Pastry sculpture of a mermaid in between pasties in a bakery window.
Pastry sculptures often adorn the windows of our local pasty shops. Inspiration for exhibitions can come from a variety of sources.

Interpretation strategies

Why this? For whom? We start all consultations about interpretation with these questions. A good curator always starts with identifying connections between their subjects and audiences. Whether this is in a gallery, office or online, does your interpretation carry your message and encourage audiences and customers to engage with you in a meaningful way?

We can help you structure your interpretation, ensuring it remains focused and services your vision while also keeping its human stories at its core. Whether you want to share humour or generate empathy or a different way of thinking, work with us to create interpretation that people will remember.