Borrowing and lending art

Let us help you realise your ambition to share new art and culture in your town, village or organisation.

We believe strongly in a lending culture in the art world, whether between private and commercial galleries or public museums. We are members of UKRG, the UK’s Registrars Group and keep up to date with the latest legal and logistical developments in art handling, logistics, risk and insurance.

Our experience is based on practical problem-solving as former registrars for major exhibitions and collections projects as well as advisers to collectors, museums and galleries. We can also help you broker new relationships and navigate your way around complex terms and conditions such as state indemnity and UK GIS.

Lending for private collectors

Many private collectors are used to requests to borrow art and objects for exhibitions but it can be bewildering and stressful too. If you are struggling to understand contracts, art handling and logistics, we are here to help and act with absolute discretion.

Chat to us in complete confidence. Contact us for an informal chat.

Helping the Royal Cornwall Museum lend rare studio ceramics to Leach Pottery, St Ives

Our partners

We work with our partners ArtRatio to bring you the best of environmental control and elegance when it comes to displaying art and objects on loan. Contact us for more information.

Art Ratio logo with an A R monogram with calligraphy flourishes and the words Art Ratio underneath.