Sound projects

Curating sound. It’s not as strange as it may appear.

Sound – and the ability to hear it – is a very important human sense. Sounds can bring back memories, evoke emotions, and enhance what we can see with our eyes or imagination.

From something simple such as curating playlists on Spotify through to a binaural tour of an exhibition or a bank of sampled sounds from a place – we can help. We have the theory, technical knowledge, and practical experience to help curators with all aspects of sound, including audio restoration.

Read our interview with Radek Rudnicki on curating sounds for a sample bank that captures life in New Zealand and make the samples available to artists for creative reuse in electronic music and sound design projects. You can hear a piece we assembled with some of these sound samples below.

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This piece was assembled on an Elektron Digitakt using samples from the Aotearoa sound pack. We selected samples based upon our memories of a trip to Wellington, New Zealand, and assembled them using percentage-based probability, as well as elements to effect the tuning, filtering and repeats of each sample step. The result is rather hypnotic, and mathematically assembled rather than composed, out of samples recorded and selected by NZ students.

If you listen carefully you can hear the sound made by pedestrian crossings in NZ, a haka, various indigenous birds and rhythmic snare sounds from a can of NZ beer. We heard the birds on a night time torchlit visit to Zealandia in Wellington.