Digitisation of photographs and archives

We are passionate about the benefits of digitisation. Increase access to photos and documents and at the same time reduce the need to handle originals afterwards. Everyone is better off for it.

Put your scans online and let more people see them, and curate them digitally into exhibitions. Protect the originals in archive-grade packaging, safe for the future.

We have helped many organisations with their digitisation programmes.

We have designed and built an entire facility from scratch for an independent library, specifying furniture, storage cabinets, digitisation equipment, computers, servers, database, public website and internal workflows. Afterwards, we worked on a project to clean, repackage, digitise, and publish online 1001 glass negatives related to Cornish archaeology. At the same time we trained their volunteers so that the work could continue with other collections. See the photos below or view the catalogue.

We have built a website to communicate the digitised output of a large project from archives, museums and private collectors across Cornwall containing over 36,000 photos, videos and sound recordings.

We teach digitisation techniques to students on the Citizen Curators course.

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